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An advanced low altitude data information system for disaster relief


ALADIN is a publicly funded project which addresses the current deficiencies faced by blue-light services while resolving emergency situations in remote areas through enabling them with state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, in addition to digital tools and devices for use in action.
Surveillance and fire fighting in areas with unpredictable obstacles render emergency teams helpless, ALADIN aims to create a safe passage for emergency services through knowledge by determining a safe path to drive along in dangerous areas which are often impossible to navigate due to a blazing fire, unexploded bombs, or other contaminations.

Observation Drone

The Autonomous Flying Testbed for Integrated Sensor Systems – New Generation (ATISS NG) will be used as an observation drone. ATISS NG aligns to the task of combating wildfire and disaster management scenarios with its long airtime of 8 hours and its rugged design which provides protection against environmental influences and obstacles. It impresses with its maximum takeoff weight of 25 kg and a payload of 10 kg.

Value added by 5G for the Implementation

In the field of “rescue systems and disaster management” very high demands are set for communication infrastructure. The control of unmanned and highly autonomous systems, as well as transmitting pictures and enabling communication in remote areas needs to be ensured. 5G performance such as bandwidth capacity, low latency, availability, and security harness the required technicalities needed in disaster relief scenarios. Two Edge Cloud based 5G Nomadic Nodes of Fraunhofer-Institute for open communication systems (FOKUS) will be used.

Edge Video Orchestrator (EVO)

The use of the EVO provides an almost latency free transmission of audio, video and telemetry data. This makes it the best option to send signals to remote controlled robots, fire engines and drones via 5G. A smartphone and computer application will provide the opportunity of bundling different data and will give a good overview over the situation for the operations command and control center.