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3rd field trial at Airfield Schönhagen

May 8th – 12th 2023

All project partners of ALADIN gathered at airfield Schönhagen for the third field trial from May 8th until May 12th 2023.

Within the project, a dynamic, satellite-supported 5G-campus network is being developed to control a reconnaissance drone and a fire extinguishing caterpillar to furthermore support emergency forces in case of an event of disaster. Vegetation fires are the primary use case. In scope of this field trial all seven partners of the research project came together to try their developed components.

During the upcoming and last field trial within the project from September 18th to 29th 2023, the tests will be validated for a further integration of individual systems and components.

2nd field trial at Airfield Schönhagen

September 19th – 23rd 2022

The second field trial within the context of the ALADIN-research project took place from September 19th until September 23rd 2022. Once again all project partners met at airfield Schönhagen to perform a field trial of all components and adjust them to the 5G-technology.

The project in general aims to build a 5G-network coverage to support emergency services (especially firefighters) in case of an event of disaster. The field of application focuses primarily on combating woodland and vegetation fires. In addition to further test flights with the ATISS reconnaissance drone (Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau), the fire extinguishing caterpillar (ReloConsult GmbH) and the tethering drone (THOLEG Civil Protection Systems), which serves as a 5G-base station, were also tested for the first time during the trial.

1st field trial at Airfield Schönhagen

May 16th – 20th 2022

During the first ALADIN-test week all project partners came together at the airfield Schönhagen to share their newest state of knowledge and to connect and test the technical parts together. As project partners participated the airfield Schönhagen, Fraunhofer-Institute for open communication systems (FOKUS), the fire department Trebbin, ReloConsult GmbH, Smart Mobile Labs AG, THOLEG Civil Protection Systems and the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau. All partners were able to test their components and it was possible to complete the first flights with the measuring drone ATISS (Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau) for the project. Below are some pictures from the flight tests.

The next test week is planned for September 2022.